Case Studies

Getty Images logo

Getty Images has a JSON-based API for searching and downloading its images. SDK Bridge took developer-written documentation in a Microsoft Word document, and turned it into clear, understandable, easy-to-read web-based documentation.

SDK Bridge understood how our API worked, asked the right questions, and created the documentation that we needed.
- Matt Dahlgren, Manager, Program Operations

CityGrid logo

Starting with rough developer-created documentation, SDK Bridge created overview material, reorganized reference material, and filled in missing pieces of CityGrid Media’s REST API documentation.

Our API documentation is 1000 times better than before.
- Ana Martinez, Technical Product Director

See the Confluence documentation at: CityGrid APIs.

World Weather Online logo

World Weather Online provides APIs for current and forecasted weather, for both local and marine weather. SDK Bridge rewrote their documentation, creating an easy-to-navigate structure and a consistent format.

See the Help & Manual documentation at: World Weather Online API Documentation.

Cheezburger logo

Cheezburger provides an API to post and retrieve assets for their various humor sites. They requested documentation that matched their particular brand of humor.

MySpace logo

SDK Bridge reorganized and rewrote documentation for MySpace's API used in building MySpace Apps, bringing a consistent style to multiple versions.

With our original API documentation, developers kept telling us they couldn't find the information they needed. SDK Bridge reorganized our content, filled in missing pieces, and created documentation that is much easier to understand.
- Dave Peck, Director of Engineering, Games & Developer Platform

KPI Consulting logo

SDK Bridge wrote SOAP and REST API documentation for KPI Consulting's clients.

SDK Bridge is a professional, qualified and talented group. KPI Consulting needs to work with companies who "get it" quickly, understand technology, and create technical content and documentation that is succinct, credible and usable. SDK Bridge understands our requirements, and can translate the requirements into meaningful deliverables, on time and on budget.
- Amanda Whaley, Director of Technical Services

LiveOps logo

LiveOps creates software for call centers. SDK Bridge reworked old documentation and added documentation for new features, finding the most appropriate content tool for LiveOp's customers.

SDK Bridge exceeded our expectations on craftsmanship, cost, and timeliness -- something that has not happened often with our vendor relationships.
- Keith McFarlane, Software Architect

Microsoft logo

SDK Bridge created documentation to explain how developers could build on Microsoft Interactive Classroom to improve the classroom experience. This project involved developers in China, a number of applications (clickers, PowerPoint, and OneNote), and both .NET and SOAP APIs. SDK Bridge wrote API reference material, overviews, and sample code descriptions.

SDK Bridge worked with our off-shore development team to deliver outstanding documentation for both .NET and SOAP APIs. They demonstrated excellent communication and responded quickly and effectively to our feedback.
- Chris Moffatt, Manager, Microsoft Interactive Classroom

PostSharp logo

PostSharp provides .NET libraries that make it easy for developers to implement common design patterns. SDK Bridge wrote a series of articles that explained how to best implement design patterns using PostSharp's libraries.

See an example "How to" page at: PostSharp Method Interception.

Ubermind logo

SDK Bridge documented Übermind's iPhone and iPad apps for a national retail chain, explaining the connection between what is shown on the screen and the web services that provide the data. The result was a 100 page document, complete with annotated screenshots, providing their client with a clear understanding of how the apps work.

We gave SDK Bridge a working copy of our source code, and they created a detailed document explaining how our apps worked. They required minimal assistance from our developers and our client was very happy with the results.
- Brian Teutsch, Senior Project Manager

Microsoft logo

SDK Bridge converted Microsoft Office Automation documentation for 3500 topics from Visual Basic to .NET. Microsoft provided an automated process, but manual inspection and clean up was required on nearly all of the topics.

I want to note that you finished the project ahead of schedule and on budget. Great job! Thank you very much for your hard work, flexibility and close collaboration on this project. I look forward to working with SDK Bridge again in the future and will be sure to recommend your services whenever the opportunity arises.
- David Hale, Manager, Microsoft Office Automation

AT&T logo

SDK Bridge created workbooks and presentation materials for a DevLab event where developers were invited to try out AT&T’s API platform. The workbooks contained hands-on exercises so that developers could try out the speech recognition and text messaging features of the platform. In surveys that were filled out after the event, 100% of the participants said that the workbooks were useful.

SDK Bridge helped make our DevLab event a success.
- Ernie Flowers, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Alcatel Lucent logo

SDK Bridge created PDF documentation and video tutorials for Alcatel Lucent's Open API and apiGrove platforms. Developer documentation covered several areas of the platform, including API reference material, as well as complex business management, reporting, and analysis tools.

SDK Bridge produced high quality documentation for us. I would not hesitate to use their services again.
- William Ndiaye, Senior Product Manager

Tendril logo

SDK Bridge used XML and Markdown to document APIs that allow developers to create energy applications that monitor and control user data and devices in the home.

SDK Bridge helped Tendril bootstrap its API documentation project. SDK Bridge has the expertise to quickly assess and contribute to API programs.
- John Smart, Senior Manager, Documentation & Training Development

See the Tendril documentation at: Tendril Connect APIs.

Buddy logo

Buddy provides a sophisticated cloud back-end to mobile apps through its API. SDK Bridge wrote up Buddy’s API documentation, including both reference and overview material, using an Umbraco content system.

Excellent documentation, great communication, and fast turn-around.
- Jeff MacDuff, CTO

See the Umbraco documentation at: Buddy Web API.