Turn any stationary bike into a videogame system. Games run on iOS and Android devices, so when you are bored with a game, just download a new one from the app store or Google Play Store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When will it be ready for sale?

A. We are gauging interest level right now. We will make a small number of hand-crafted devices available at cost for Beta testers. If you’d like to be one, please mention that in the contact form.

Q. Who is SDK Bridge?

A. We are experts in communicating how APIs and SDKs work. One thing we know how to do well is create really well-designed SDKs, so you can expect our Unity plug-in to be extremely clear, and we’ll be providing great documentation and tutorials.

Q. Can the device change the bike’s resistance?

A. No. There’s no way to do that and still have it work on all stationary bikes. However, we’ve found that changing the resistance is most important on games that give you a simulated ride experience. Once you start creating other styles of games, it becomes much less important.

Q. How can I get the Unity plug-in?

A. It’s not available just yet. Contact us if you are interested.

Q. Why ExDK?

A. It stands for Exercise Development Kit. But that won’t be the final product name. We’re still working on that.