We explain technology.

At SDK Bridge, LLC, we specialize in explaining technology so that people can build with it. Whether we are writing API documentation that describes your platform's Software Development Kit, or teaching teenagers in low-income neighborhoods about 3D modeling and computer programming, we take the complex and make it understandable and compelling.

We write lucid, elegant sample code so that developers understand how to use your software; our straightforward conceptual material not only explains to developers how to use your software but why they should be using it.


With our original API documentation, developers kept telling us they couldn't find the information they needed. SDK Bridge reorganized our content, filled in missing pieces, and created documentation that is much easier to understand.

Dave Peck, Director of
Engineering, Games &
Developer Platform, MySpace

Are your API docs good enough?

  • Are you losing customers — are your developers giving up on understanding how your API works?
  • Is your support staff overwhelmed — do they have too many basic API questions that could have been answered with good documentation?

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