Technical Copywriting

When your product is an SDK, the decision maker is often a developer or engineer who needs to understand your product’s value. Good copywriting provides solid technical detail but it is not so detail-laden that readers miss how your product benefits them. Technology decision makers are not swayed by copywriting that is merely marketing hype or does not present them with a clear picture of your product’s necessity to them.

Unlike most copywriters, the SDK Bridge team has a software engineering and development background and speaks the language of computer programming. Unlike most technical writers, the SDK Bridge team knows how to describe the value of your product in a way that’s compelling.

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Training for Software Developers

As experts in explaining technology, SDK Bridge also trains software engineers and developers on employing new technologies. From developing curricula to providing in-person instruction, we create compelling, interactive, hands-on ways of learning everything about how an SDK works.

SDK Bridge also creates “train the trainer” events that allow you to disseminate knowledge efficiently. Instructors are trained on new technology, as well as the best methods to teach that knowledge to others.

We provide the following training services: